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Figure 4

From: A bovine papillomavirus-1 based vector restores the function of the low-density lipoprotein receptor in the receptor-deficient CHO-ldlA7 cell line

Figure 4

Figure 4a. Fluorescence in situ analysis of the p3.7LDL-transfected CHO-ldlA7 cells. The probe, generated from the p3.7LDL gives cross-hybridisation signals represented by yellow double dots on chromosomes stained with propidium iodide. This can be explained by integration of the vector sequences into the host cell genome The discrete yellow dots dispersed all over the chromosomes also correspond to plasmid-specific signals and suggest the presence of an episomal vector.

Figure 4b. Fluorescence in situ analysis of the native CHO-ldlA7 cells (negative control).

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